The real reasons why businesses should engage in public relations

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Running a small business isn’t easy – even more so when you can count your core team on one hand… With limited resources, having a targeted and tailored public relations plan is absolutely crucial.

So, what is public relations?

Public Relations is broadly defined as a strategic communications process – its goal, building positive relationships between the public and businesses.

One thing is certain, a good communicator knows how to:

  • Identify interesting stories
  • Tailor stories to key new outlets
  • Attain editorial coverage from trusted news channels

Bill Gates once said: “If I was down to my last dollar, I would spend it on public relations.”

1. Public relations is far more effective than paid advertising

People trust earned sources more than paid advertising options. Three crucial things a business should always aim for:

  • Positive word of mouth
  • Excellent customer testimonials
  • Editorial media that has a great impact

2. Propel your marketing initiatives with tailored communications

Across every industry, businesses are in constant competition. Unlike irritating and un-targeted advertising, PR truly earns people’s attention. Why? Because PR tells a tailored story that adds value.

A great communicator knows how to create content that is useful, educational, and that showcases a brand in a positive light. And an outstanding communicator knows how to identify brands’ key competencies and position them as industry disruptors. 

3. Crisis mitigation is attained via public relations

It is no surprise that upset customers can ruin a business’ reputation – especially if a crisis gets out of control. Badmouthing your brand will absolutely place a dent on any future profits and hurt your chances with prospective clients.

Via PR you can handle scandals about defective products, any complicated lawsuits, or employee-related complaints.

An effective communications campaign always monitors your brand’s reputation and ensures that you are always protected. Always a step ahead in case of an image crisis.

4. Your brand’s visibility is uplifted by public relations

An article on the internet remains on search engines for a very long time. To put it simply, online media doesn’t have a shelf life.

Sharing positive, relevant, and timely stories across relevant channels will help your brand score high across search engine rankings. This will ultimately drive more leads to your business and increase your bottom line.

5. Public relations is a long-term game

Getting PR on your own is possible. But, it takes time and resources to build good relationships with journalists and news outlets. Trusting a good public relations agency with your communications efforts is key!

No matter at what stage your brand is, public relations is definitely a great way to get seen. Reaching out to prospective clients, boosting your brand’s image, and expanding your bottom line are goals attainable via tailored communications.

Ready to get started on your own PR journey? Check out our services and contact us for a quote!

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